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5 Simple (But Surprisingly Effective) Ways To Research Your Story

We all know that fiction isn’t truth. That’s half the reason we read it, to leave behind the real world for one that we know is someone else’s imaginative figment. But fictional worlds still need authenticity, and as everyone likes to say, the devil is in those details.

Research is the key to building believability, whether you’re writing a historical fiction epic set in the Black Plague or a contemporary YA with a ballerina as the star. Resources on effective research tips abound. We’ve all read about how to research using the Internet, and the importance of using primary sources when possible. So instead of covering old ground, I’d like to share some tools from my own bag to help with the research process and bring credibility to your story.

1. Prioritize

2. Interview “Unlikely” Experts

3. Start With A Good Book

4. When It Comes To Beta Readers, Throw Your Net Wide

5. Experience As Much As You Can Firsthand 


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