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Original Story Day 08 - A Character’s Guardians.

Yuyu’s Parents:

Yuyu has a step father Ray Lyree. He met Yuyu’s mother when she was pregnant and fell in love. After Yuyu was born, she disappeared. Ray took care of Yuyu since then. Ray said Yuyu takes after her mother in both looks and personality. 

Like Yuyu, her mother had long black hair, pale skin, and the urge to wander. Yuyu does not care about her missing mother, nor does she care to find her biological father. 

Yuyu’s relationship with her dad was normal until Ray got remarried. Although she wanted to be happy for Ray, she could not shake off the nervous feelings her step mother gave her. So one day, Yuyu took a few belonging and with her trusty friend Kebin (puppy), she walks out.

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